Lazy Daisy Award Winning Biscuits 6 pack- Rosemary & Cheddar (Bake and Serve)

Enjoy the buttery award winning Lazy Daisy Biscuits to Bake and Serve just like your own!  Now available


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Yes, THE Famous Lazy Daisy biscuits are now here on the Wagon. Frozen, Bake and Serve.

Bake Daisy’s famous buttermilk biscuits anytime in the comfort of your own home and, just like you made them yourself, we wont tell:)

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+ NEW Festive flavours Rosemary & Cheddar now available for a LIMITED TIME!  Perfect accompaniment to your holiday meal or a cosy fireside snack.

It’s so easy – bake at 350 for half an hour and that fluffy, golden brown, warm buttery goodness is yours to share with family and friends.

Handmade with all natural ingredients. Proudly ON Made and Member of Canadian Women in Food.

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Lazy Daisy

Classic 6 pack

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