Upcycled Fresh Ramen Meal Kit -SOLD OUT

New 1st ever Canadian Upcycled Fresh Ramen Meal kit is here Help support local sustainable healthy fresh food solutions Now available for direct home or office delivery @Freshwagon.ca Find out more here www.upcylcedfoodfest.ca  #EndFoodWaste @UpcycledFoodFest



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Introducing the 1st Canadian Upcycled Fresh Ramen Meal Kit
 Join thousands of fellow Ontarians committing to reduce their waste Let’s support a more sustainable, local food system by purchasing the world’s first fully circular Upcycled Ramen Meal Kit!
The Meal Kit has been launched as part of the first Upcycled Food Festival.
Made from local ON made sustainable food made with Upcycled local amazing brands. So fresh all natural meal kit is packed with delicious and nutritious ingredients!
 #UpCycledFoodFest and #EndFoodWaste Let’s Go Green and Follow us on the Gram @UpcycledFoodFest 
Your Ramen Kit Description:
Each Upcycled Ramen Meal Kit contains:
  • Upcycled Ramen Noodles & Miso by Abokichi*
  • Mixed Vegetables(Carrot/ Cremini Mushroom/ Bok Choy) by Nature Knows* in compostable pouch – Stays fresh 50% longer than plastics 
  • Upcycled Tofu pieces by Sunrise Soya*
  • 2 x Nature’s Flair Upcycled muffins by Vision Bakeries* in Compostable pouches 

All packed in locally made, Compostable breathable box by Nature Knows Inc. (Dispose in Green bin, Backyard Compost or Garbage, or Check with your local waste policies)

Note:  Please Keep Your Kit Refrigerated. The kit includes all fresh items and does require some cooking. Ready in less than 15 minutes!
Cooking Instructions Makes 1 -2 Servings:
1.  Boil 2L of water
2.  Cook noodles in water for 2.5-4 min, depending on desired firmness.
3.  Rinse noodles under cold water.
4.  Mix Pouch of ramen broth paste with 200ml of boiling water.
6.  Add noodles to broth.
7. Add Nature Know fresh veggie toppings cold or also great to sautee if prefer cooked
(See Chefs Tip Option below)
8. Serve and enjoy!
Take some pics and share along your creations We love to see them! Tag us @freshwagon.ca
Chef’s tip: Add Chili for some extra UMAMI wow factor like our fave Okazu (Available here) , along with Green onion, Bean Sprouts or other along with protein of choice for extra meal size or keep plant based with meat alternate.

Friendly Reminder- Place your orders a min 48 hours prior for your choice of Delivery areas. For South West ON Niagara to Hamilton/Grimsby/ Waterdown/Burlington/Oakville (Tues, Wed or Friday), for Toronto /GTA/Etobicoke/Milton/Mississauga (Thursday) Free Delivery with min $75 spend.

Thanks for supporting local sustainable brands and helping Reduce Food Waste! Find out more here www.upcycledfoodfest.ca

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Nature Knows

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~ 450 g pending items/ variable weight of veggie mix


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