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Buying from our Vendors

FreshWagon is a multi-vendor marketplace.  When you shop on FreshWagon, you are buying directly from the vendor.  The vendor is responsible for their product, quality, delivery and service to you, their customer.

Your information

Your address will be shared with FreshWagon and the vendor for delivery purposes only. FreshWagon and the vendor will NOT share your personal information with any other parties.

Payments / Transactions

FreshWagon completes all payments and transactions using Stripe. A globally recognized and extremely safe payment gateway.  FreshWagon and our Vendors cannot see your credit card or any other payment related information.

Alcohol & Alcohol Related Product Sales

FreshWagon provides a platform for our Vendors to sell their products.  Your purchasing relationship is directly with the Vendor and as such, they are responsible for all rules and regulations as it relates to the sale of alcohol.