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Cipriani Bellini Alcohol-Free 4 Pack (180 ml)

Cipriani Alcohol-Free Bellini 180ml single serve portion x 4 pack


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Black Tea - Nepal Hills

Highly caffeinated tea with an aromatic, sweet, honey-like flavor from Nepal Hills. The taste will linger on your tongue even after you finish drinking the tea.  100g Sealable Bag

Grade: STGFOP-1
Flush: Based on Season

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Cipriani Alcohol-Free Bellini 180ml single serve portion x 4 pack

Cipriani Alcohol-Free Bellini follows the Cipriani standards of quality and luxury, starting from the best raw materials: Fresh White Peach Puree from the south of Europe and Sparkling water from the ancient spring of the Venetian Republic just aside from the Venetian Lagoon.

Cipriani pays close attention to quality and keeps a watchful eye on the welfare and safety of the workers involved in the Alcohol-Free Bellini production.¬†They work hard to reduce waste and protect the environment. Above all, Cipriani’s focus is to offer people not only an excellent and delicious product but one that is healthy and sustainable, aimed at the well-being of both body and soul. They are rather demanding with themselves.

Tasting Notes:
Cipriani Alcohol-Free Bellini tastes like ripe, juicy peaches, with an effervescent finish.

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