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Imperial IPA Beer Jelly x 125 GM by Malty & Hoppy

The Beer you can Eat! Enjoy Malty and Hoppy Delicatessen, created by Chef Francoise Briet.

Infused with local craft beer, this delightful hand crafted jelly will be sure to wow every taste bud! The perfect complement to your cheese boards, burgers, flat breads, meat trays and more!


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The Beer you can Eat! Enjoy Malty and Hoppy delicatessen, created by Chef Francoise Briet. Her award winning beery jelly will be sure to jazz up every bite of your appetizers and meal solutions.

This Imperial IPA Beer Jelly carries notable soft malty characteristics that are enhanced with zesty citrus and tropical fruit aromas like mango, and a subtle bitterness finish.

Perfect on your toast, French baguette, or your favourite scones. A great pairing with aged goat’s milk cheese like Tomme and Gouda, cheddar and cheddar-style cheese, mild blue cheese, spiced cheese, or salty cheese like feta. Think French salad dressing with grainy Dijon mustard, grilled cheese, baked salmon with ginger, and tomato pie with goat cheese.

Vegan and low sugar (containing 1.4 grams sugar per tsp)

Malty & Hoppy Delicacy is a Toronto based company that uses beer from the best local breweries in Ontario to make delicious beer jellies with a French twist. When Françoise Briet founded her company, she was inspired by her French background and her love of beer. She strives to use quality ingredients that are rich in flavours to create a product low in sugar. During the production process, she takes special care to make sure the beer jellies she creates are environmentally sustainable. Welcome to Françoise’s culinary world!

“When I discovered that beer pairs well with cheese, dare I say better than red wine, it was a revelation for a French girl who grew up in Burgundy. That was the beginning of a new adventure for me!

You will find my discovery of great pairing suggestions in our BLOG for the ultimate cheese and charcuterie boards.”

Three Great choices Now Available on The Wagon!

  • Imperial IPA Beer Jelly 
  • Pale Ale Beer Jelly
  • Oatmeal Beer Jelly

Proudly ON Made Supplier and Member of Canadian Women in Food

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