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Pear Ginger by Chrisoda Sparkling Functional Apple Cider

Pear Ginger by Chrisoda, Sparkling Apple Cider all natural beverage, oh so refreshing. Love what’s Good! Now available


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PEAR GINGER- The distinct taste of pear is boosted by a subtle zip of ginger in this refreshing concoction. It has sophisticated flavour, but look as unsophisticated as you want when you throw your head back to guzzle it (you’re gonna guzzle it).

Choose from 3 Fab Flavours of Chrisoda to fuel your fun!

  • Pear Ginger
  • Raspberry
  • Vanilla Rhubarb


The story behind Chrisoda is a dramatic tale of two people slaving over formulations, keeping Chrisoda on the healthy side and getting it into the hands of people who might like it. The back-story includes global treks, true (albeit late) love, old watering holes and even the whispering ghosts of the English country-side.

And while all that may be, to varying degrees, true, the actual reason Chrisoda exists is this: Founders Christine and James wanted to make a good-for-you drink that didn’t taste like punishment.

Proudly Local ON business and Member of Canadian Women in Food

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Pear Ginger by Chrisoda



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