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Caramel Keto Coffee/Tea Booster by Fantasty Keto Friendly GF and Dairy Free

Sangria “Merlot” style  is the Ultimate Sip and Savour Herbal tea blend for a delicious and refreshing experience Infused with Hibiscus, Citrus, Beets, Grapes and Apple

Each silk sachet serves 2-3 cups of tea

One pouch contains 4 sachets, packed in compostable pouch


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Black Tea - Nepal Hills

Highly caffeinated tea with an aromatic, sweet, honey-like flavor from Nepal Hills. The taste will linger on your tongue even after you finish drinking the tea.  100g Sealable Bag

Grade: STGFOP-1
Flush: Based on Season

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Conquer your day with Fantasty Keto Boost! Made with high quality MCT oil and plant proteins, just add to your coffee, tea or espresso to get those neurons firing!

It’s a new take on bulletproof coffee. 0g of sugar, but delicious caramel taste that’s paleo and keto friendly.

  • Add to coffee to increase pure MCT oil based fats while getting a caramel flavor BOOST just like your favorite caramel latte
  • Protein BOOST your shake with an extra 5g of pea protein while also giving it an amazing blast of caramel flavor.
  • Sprinkle half a teaspoon on your favorite KETO Ice Cream and enjoy the delicious caramel taste.

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